Connecting Every Part of your Janitorial Business

Swept janitorial software brings all the features you need under one roof—simplifying many aspects of your busy janitorial company.

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Simplifying the lives of those touched by the janitorial industry around the world

Management just got a lot easier with Swept. It’s an all-in-one time tracker, smart scheduler, communication tool, and so much more!

Time keeping for janitorial businesses

Cleaner Scheduling
& time tracking

Keeping track of scheduling your cleaners can be tough. Lucky for you Swept has built-in scheduling tools and time tracking. Because why spend all your time trying to figure out who is where and doing what, when you really don’t have to?

cleaner communications janitorial software


Imagine a world where your commercial janitorial company has instant and simple communication tools between clients, management and cleaners. Imagine all the fires that you would prevent. Imagine the time that you could save. Can you picture it? Hey, you just imagined us! 

Inspection software

Digital Inspections

A detailed combination of visual and verbal documentation and feedback ensures that everyone is on the same page. Just one of the ways we try to take communication to the next level.

Problem Reporting

One of our core values here at Swept is to empower our clients to be proactive, instead of reactive. Our problem reporting feature will help you address on-site issues long before you have to hear about it from your clients. Easily to manage, track, and resolve problems before they even become problems. 

Easy To Use

Every bit of software out there claims to be easy to use, but we’ve got the reviews and client feedback to back it up. We’ve done our homework, listened to our users and crafted the most intuitive software in its field. A fact that makes us very proud.

Supply Tracking

How many times in your life have you heard the phrase “Oh No! We’re out of paper towels again”? With Swepts supply tracking feature, you’ll never hear it again. Proactively track and order any supplies your cleaners could possibly need.

The Swept advantage

Swept offers more features, that are easier to use, with better pricing, and consider more of our customer's needs than any of our competitors. And according to our customers, we are much nicer too (nicer in over 100 languages no less).

Janitorial Software

See the difference for yourself

We don’t blame you for wanting to make the most informed decision possible, in fact, we recommend it. We recommend booking a demo with us and see how great of a match we really are for your commercial janitorial companies' needs.



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