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"We have been using Swept for about 1 year, total game changer for my company! We have grown from 14 employees to 74 in 1 years time, we couldn’t have accomplished the coordination and communication amongst my team without the use of Swept."

Facility Concierge Services

"With a group of five managers, we are easily saving $10,000 a year plus fuel cost. We now have more accountability within our teams – where they are, what they are up to, and how we can help them. For our clients of the past 20 years, we are once again stepping it up. For our new clients, we are raising the bar."

Maintenance One

"How was I not using this before? Our day and night cleaning teams have never communicated before, but now they do – and the number of messages I receive has decreased greatly. Our morale has been boosted.."

Zoë Facility Services

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Spend less time managing your team and more time on your business by leveraging features designed to streamline how you and your team work together.

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Designed by a janitorial company for a janitorial company, Swept understands what information your team needs and streamlines how it’s delivered.

Swept allows you to be proactive with your issue management while delivering quality and dynamic service.

Powering Your Reputation.

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